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The new site is up and running and available at:


The files section has been moved there and all new content will appear there (I am no longer entering into both sites).

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The new site is in soft go-live!

The new site is open (soft go-live) and will replace this one completely in the next few days barring any major problems!


The new site is almost live and in the final stages of testing and tweaking. Thank you Lou for testing a number of the new features! I will (hopefully) be switching completely over next week (the domain will point to the new site).

As of today I am posting and putting any new files/discount information on the new site (double-entry stinks).
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As of 2/19/16 the files section has been moved over to the new site!

The new Firearms Instructors Discount Page is here:

The files are for registered NRA Certified Instructors Only.
Some of the vendors offered a discount promo code and I was asked to secure them.
If you were a registered member here, your account should have been migrated over with the password of “instructor”. (Don’t type the quotes) If you were not a member, please register – the new site should be live 100% next week.

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Verified Springfield currently only offers MIL/LE discounts

I get asked about Springfield quite a bit and it has been awhile since I inquired. They are always very prompt to reply.

Springfield currently offers the LE discount only to LE or Military Instructors. We hope to someday have a program in place for all NRA instructors but we do not at this time.”

I did remind them that S&W and Ruger offer programs.  So, hopefully one day!

Blue Force Gear Certified Instructor Discount! (and site update)

I am pleased to announce that after talking with BFG’s Marketing Manager at SHOT Show this year they are now offering instructors a significant discount! I think that is a first for us! :)

BTW, they were a fun booth with great products. (I will be continuing my SHOT coverage again shortly.)

It is for instructors only and unfortunately the file security that I tried previously was a failure.
The good news is that the migration work on the new site is progressing smoothly (although slower than I hoped) and it will have secured file access for registered users that actually works. Testing on that has been good.

If you would like to participate in testing please feel free! All the existing accounts have been migrated over with a password of “instructor” with your existing login (they were never public).  The test site is:

Thanks and I hope this year to be more active in pursuing discounts for us!

Back after another hack :(


The site was hacked again, I was notified by my ISP (at least they gave me a chance to remove them before shutting the site down this time).

Sorry that we down briefly today – I also found some questionable files and had to clean them up – reverting to backup. I will be accelerating the site’s move to Joomla.

Thanks for your patience.

I don’t care what study says otherwise, women can defend themselves

Original article: Gun ownership does not make women safer from the Boston Globe

This is an example of showing that a study will prove exactly what you set out to prove.

First they attack the statement that a woman with a firearm can defend herself. In fact, they even go as far as to say that they have discredited its possibility by citing a particular study.

However, the study doesn’t have anything to do with women owning a firearm!
Instead the study actually says that women, who are around more people with firearms are more likely to get harmed by a firearm. hmm…no  mention of the rates of firearm ownership by women though.

Is that like the study that concluded that if you own a firearm, that you are more likely to get shot with your own firearm?

“The presence of a gun is the biggest risk factor for domestic violence deaths among women.”
Really? The “biggest” risk factor? So, if a woman knows someone with multiple firearms (gasp!) is she exponentially more in danger? Right. It’s the gun(s), not the person – got it.

The article also strikes me as sexist in its implications that a woman cannot handle a firearm. In me experience, that is simply not true.

Bloomberg group attacks VA Governor for daring to…compromise?


Anti-gun groups are quick to say that pro-gun people are unreasonable and unwilling to compromise.
But apparently, they are quick to attack any pro-gun control supporter who might be willing to make a compromise. Hypocritical much?

Their complaints are very weak. Each side got something, and to use the anti-gunners’ mantra:
“If it saves just one life!”

They wanted people with protective orders against them to not be able to give/sell their firearms away, but rather be required to give them to law enforcement. Why?

And the universal background checks requirement for gun shows is voluntary with a stationed police officer at gun shows didn’t go far enough. But “if it saves just one life”? Right?

It essentially restores status quo of CCW reciprocity that existed before the AG’s “re-examination” and to quote the article: “…in exchange for tighter restrictions on gun ownership by domestic abusers and voluntary background checks at gun shows.”

Sounds good, right? Apparently not! I guess unless it is completely draconian or has the word “ban” in it, it is no good.

Let’s also not forget the fact that there were a couple of bills introduced that would have reversed the CCW reciprocity AG ruling anyway. One attempted to make VA a CCW license-less state which would honor any state’s CCW license!

In the end (and being from the Commonwealth myself) I like Gov. McAuliffe’s response:

McAuliffe dismissed the criticism during an appearance in Northern Virginia, saying “everybody supports [the gun deal] except one gun-safety group out of New York City.”

Appellate court sends back Maryland’s “because they’re scary” assault weapons ban

This is a refreshing ruling from the 4th Circuit Appellate Court. The 3 judge panel ruled that the “because they are scary” justification to ban assault weapons is too vague and that it could effectively used to ban anything, sending the case back to district court.

This is actually a fairly decent article on the topic:

What is frightening is what the dissenting judge said. He said that people would die because of this ruling. Wow, what rhetoric. I find that judge to be too scary to be a sitting judge.

Registration working? Getting a lot of password resets


I know that folks have been registering on the site. I have noticed that there have been a lot of password resets.
Is there a problem with the registration process?

These last few WordPress “upgrades” have been knocking out functionality and I am having a lot of plugin conflicts for the first time since opening the blog. Please let me know if there are problems, or you can’t get to what you are looking for. Please comment below or feel free  use the “Contact” button or email me remat(at)yahoo(dot)com directly.

I am now looking into an alternative software solution for the site since it become troublesome to do basic things.

Thanks & sorry!


VA Gov & Republicans reach compromise on firearm reciprocity

Well, this is an interesting twist. I am kind of impressed that a bipartisan agreement was reached in the Commonwealth of Virginia, however, I am alarmed that the Governor’s Office (and Attorney General) have the ability to enforce/interpret the law.

Regardless, it looks like states will be added back in. I know that there are also several bills being floated that would make Virginia a permit-less state and one that would require them to honor any other state’s CCW license.




Original article that VA was removing 25 states from their reciprocity list:


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