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The new site is in soft go-live!

The new site is open (soft go-live) and will replace this one completely in the next few days barring any major problems!


The new site is almost live and in the final stages of testing and tweaking. Thank you Lou for testing a number of the new features! I will (hopefully) be switching completely over next week (the domain will point to the new site).

As of today I am posting and putting any new files/discount information on the new site (double-entry stinks).
Here is some more information:

As of 2/19/16 the files section has been moved over to the new site!

The new Firearms Instructors Discount Page is here:

The files are for registered NRA Certified Instructors Only.
Some of the vendors offered a discount promo code and I was asked to secure them.
If you were a registered member here, your account should have been migrated over with the password of “instructor”. (Don’t type the quotes) If you were not a member, please register – the new site should be live 100% next week.

Thank you!

Blue Force Gear Certified Instructor Discount! (and site update)

I am pleased to announce that after talking with BFG’s Marketing Manager at SHOT Show this year they are now offering instructors a significant discount! I think that is a first for us! :)

BTW, they were a fun booth with great products. (I will be continuing my SHOT coverage again shortly.)

It is for instructors only and unfortunately the file security that I tried previously was a failure.
The good news is that the migration work on the new site is progressing smoothly (although slower than I hoped) and it will have secured file access for registered users that actually works. Testing on that has been good.

If you would like to participate in testing please feel free! All the existing accounts have been migrated over with a password of “instructor” with your existing login (they were never public).  The test site is:

Thanks and I hope this year to be more active in pursuing discounts for us!

Back after another hack :(


The site was hacked again, I was notified by my ISP (at least they gave me a chance to remove them before shutting the site down this time).

Sorry that we down briefly today – I also found some questionable files and had to clean them up – reverting to backup. I will be accelerating the site’s move to Joomla.

Thanks for your patience.

Registration working? Getting a lot of password resets


I know that folks have been registering on the site. I have noticed that there have been a lot of password resets.
Is there a problem with the registration process?

These last few WordPress “upgrades” have been knocking out functionality and I am having a lot of plugin conflicts for the first time since opening the blog. Please let me know if there are problems, or you can’t get to what you are looking for. Please comment below or feel free  use the “Contact” button or email me remat(at)yahoo(dot)com directly.

I am now looking into an alternative software solution for the site since it become troublesome to do basic things.

Thanks & sorry!


Messing with themes

Sorry, for the changes. I am currently trying to find a new theme for the site. I like the old one, but it is so old that it was missing a lot of functionality and I had lost control of my sidebars completely. I could manually code it, but every update would wipe them out.

I kind of like this one, but it is far from perfect. However, the sidebars at least work. Let me know if you hate the theme.


Site enhancements

Hello all,

What site enhancements would you like to see?
Just off the top of my head here are some thoughts…Please let me know if you would use or wouldn’t use.

1. photo hosting – i’m tired of using Flickr et al for posting on forums

2. contributors – i’m looking for folks interested in posting content, articles, reviews, etc. It can be 1 specific post, regular series, or as you feel like writing something.

3. personal training page – area for you, listing of your training, etc.

4. ???

Thanks guys, any input is welcome!

Any ShotShow 2014 requests?

Did I forget to mention that I will be at Shot Show this year?
We got approved as internet media and will be attending the entire week including Media Day!
There is also a TweetUp on that Monday-ping me if you are going to be there too.

Any requests for booths you would like me to drop by? I will be working out my agenda shortly.
So far I have: NCStarOptics, Glock, and SIG.

Anywhere except for the company that has an “&” in their name. I wouldn’t want their lawyers to have to contact me again.

Interested in going to SHOT yourself? I am considering adding additional authors next year. If you have, or are interested in creating, original content please drop me a line!

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