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I was recently invited to join which is affiliated with which I have received excellent customer service from.

Like it a group membership site which offers discounts on select vendor products. The variety is smaller than ProMotive but it is mainly firearms related. Some of the items I noticed were well priced – for example Blackhawk holsters, Trijicon NightSights, etc.

Update 2012: DVOR has become more an “event sale” rather than a permanent store front. They run daily specials that are sometime very good. What is available in the store front changes dramatically so if you don’t log in regularly you might be surprised. I get their daily sale “event” email and log in based on my interest in what specials they are running.


Here is an invite link (it is free) if you want to check it out: invite


I just got a 5.11 Rush Delivery (tactical messenger bag) to fit a 17″ laptop. It retails for $99 and bought it through DVOR for $65. Bag review forthcoming…Great price and customer service!

ProMotive Pro Discounts (Leupold, Woolrich Elite, Eberlestock, Camelbak, Big Agnes, Helly Hansen, Gregory, etc)

As an instructor you are eligible to join It is an outdoor industry related group that offers training/discounts from quite a few companies (around 100).  It is free and you join a “team.”  The group you need to request is “Tactical Instructors.” If you need an invite let me know, I can send one.

Here is an invitation link: Promotive

They offer discounts on a variety of manufacturers, mainly outdoor sports type gear.

There are a few but a few that I remember off the top of my head are: Woolrich Elite, Eberlestock, Gregory, Gerber, SOG, Crimson Trace, Leupold, Bushnell, Big Agnes (camping), Camelbak,  Helly Hansen, Spyderco, Fenix, NovaTac, WigWam.

The only disadvantage is that availability of products and pricing really varies from vendor to vendor.


Membership is free so check it out!



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