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A case for 45GAP (short barrel pistols)

Ok, so in part II (click here: part I was the 357SIG) of my continuing defense of misunderstood cartridges is the 45GAP. Now, here is a cartridge designed to duplicate the 45ACP. Yet another unquestionably effective round with over 75 years of military service. Glock wanted to put it into their standard platform (read smaller frame). Currently, GLOCK is currently the only major manufacturer to offer a pistol in it.

It is common to see it poked fun at unfairly. The most common things I see are:

1. Serves no purpose
It does if you can’t fit your hands around a Glock 21/30. It does if you want a big bore round but want to squeeze it into a Glock 17/19/26 sized pistol and not to mention weight class.

2. Hard to get ammo for
Harder than 9mm, 40, 45, but far from impossible. Prices seem to be in the same range as the 45ACP. Unless 45 is on sale.

3. Limited capacity
No more so than a standard 45ACP.

4. Doesn’t have the +P capability of the 45ACP.
This is somewhat true, although there is a large contingency of folks that claim a 45ACP +P is not needed. I wouldn’t sneeze at a 185gr or 230gr coming at me at any speed. I do like +P personally though. But then again, I like 45Super.

5. It is on its way out.
This argument is used for everything non-9mm, 40, 45ACP. Lots of state agencies carry it, and GLOCK is known for NOT discontinuing support for a product. Have no fear.

6. Only Glock makes a pistol for it.
Not a problem if you are ok with Glock. If not, you will need to consider something else. There are lots of 9’s, 40’s and 45’s available. LOL

So, it duplicates (exactly) 18gr and 230gr ballistics of a 45ACP? What’s not to like!

The one big advantage I don’t hear people talking about that the 45GAP has a CLEAR advantage over the 45ACP is in SHORT BARREL BALLISTICS.

Because of the shorter case and higher pressure it will have little velocity loss when moving to short barrels such as a subcompact GLOCK. This is not the case with 3″ 45ACP’s. Folks like to read 45ACP ballistics, often forgetting that the most of them are for a 5″ barrel!

Yes, 4″ ballistics are similar but drop to a 3″ Colt Defender (a great pistol btw) and you may be surprised at how slow that round may be coming out! Still think you don’t want a +P round? Some common 45ACP rounds are going a little over 750 fps. Again, not that I could dodge it, but ballistics show the 45GAP fares much better losing only 30-50fps! (the #’s are out on GlockTalk).

For someone looking at a Glock platform pistol, big bore, and wanting a subcompact also the Glock 37/38/39 make a good choice. A lot less expensive than a set of 1911’s too.

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