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Leupold Custom Shop BDC (bullet drop compensator)

So, a lot of the “tactical” scopes come caliberated for a 223 BDC. Usually 55gr. Now you can use it with any caliber/weight but you will need to compensate for your compensator.

A couple of the scope companies will make a custom one for you that you can swap out. Much easier, especially if you have a favorite load. Leupold and Vortex come to mind.

I am considering an MK AR (1.5-4 or 3-9) and was curious how much it would. Not finding the price on the website I emailed them. The next day I received a price quote of $59.99 + tax. Not bad!

In case you were wondering it would be for a SSA (Silver State Armory) 6.8 SPC 110gr Sierra Pro SP load.

Scope for Mega 6.8 AR (Leupold Mark AR?)

I have an AR15 in 6.8SPC that I put together a while back. I can’t remember if it is on the blog or my Flickr site. It is a Mega upper/lower with a KoTonics 1:11 SPC II barrel. But it is a flat top with flip up sights.

I have been thinking that since it was built as a deer hunting rig that a primary optic would be nice. Since red dot/holo’s increase with magnification (which I want) I should get an actual scope.

I am not a big fan of variables, but in the case of an AR it would be nice to have something with near zero magnification in case you wanted to use it for defense, but also be able to crank up the magnification for hunting. Something like 1.5 – 4x.

The Leupold Mark AR seems to fit that bill. I have long been a fan and regret selling my MK4. (I needed the cash). This particular scope has the multicoat4 lens and Leupold ruggedness/waterproofing.

Here is the link to the Leupold site: Leupold MK AR
What do you think?

Leupold MKAR


08/14/2010 / 3 Comments on Trijicon

Trijicon offers a special discount program. Instructors are able to purchase (1) set of night sights and (1) optic per year.

In order to obtain pricing you must supply your credentials (email, fax, etc) and request pricing for specific items.

Link is to contact Trijicon customer service.

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