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Two new 10’s and Sig Elite 10mm ammo? Oh my!

I know by now everyone has heard about the new Sig P220 and the new Glock hunting/competition optics ready pistol, both chambered in (one of my favorites) 10mm.

I hadn’t chimed off yet but I wanted to say kudos to a round that has been declared “dead” for years by some. Clearly not! I am hoping that the new P220 is part of the instructor/LEO program.

One thing I also saw that was exciting for 10mm fans is that Sig’s Elite Ammo line will be including a 10mm load. A modern defense loading!!

Exciting times for 10mm fans. Now if we could just get that big American Revolver company (either one) to chamber a 10mm :)

Sig’s P938 – scaled up Colt Mustang/P238 ala Star FireStar or PD

I was browsing the Sig website and came across the the P938. It is an oddity in the Sig line like like the P238, at least in the fact that it is a non-traditional (meaning non-1911) single-action. Notwithstanding the P210 which is in a class all in its own.

I am not sure how Sig came along this line (P238 and P938) but I am impressed. There are stories that Sig bought the rights to Colt’s Mustang (and equipment) which had been discontinued for years. But, Colt recently reintroduced them so I am not sure if that is true. Although according to Colt they are building them on new CNC machinery.

Anyway, the Mustang (IMO) was an under-rated pistol. A joy to shoot and very popular at training classes with new shooters. Remarkably accurate considering the rudimentary sights. If you like small thin single-action pistols it is great. And unique. Enter the P938! A Mustang scaled up to 9mm! I like it.

It reminded me of the Star FireStar. At the time it was a maligned pistol, but it was far ahead of its time. I regret not getting one. They worked. I found this article

The P938 reminded the author of a Star PD. I think that is probably a more accurate assessment based on the lightweight frame. Another pistol way ahead of its time. Star sure built some nice pistols.

Anyway, the Sig P938 is definitely worth considering IMO if you are looking for something small without a 30# DAO trigger pull.

Sig Sauer P6 feed ramp issue – date corrected by SIG

I have researched the P6 feed ramp issue and found the following post on SIGforum …
“Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,

We checked our drawings and found out that we change the angle of the barrel ramp on the 14th of June 1989 from 52 degrees to 54 degrees.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
With best regards,

Ralf Vanicek
Produktmanager SIG SAUER

J.P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH
gegr. 1751
Sauerstrasse 2-6
D 24340 Eckernförde”

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