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Shotshow 2012: Hornady Ammo Plant and RCBS’ new $36 bullet feeder

I have had a Hornady Lock N’ Load (LNL) AP press for about 5 years. I saw Hornady’s “Ammo Plant” and had to ooh and aah. ‘Ammo plant’ pretty much describes what it is.  See here: Hornady Ammo Plant

(pic from the Hornady website linked above)


I immediately went to price the components needed to upgrade my LNL to an “Ammo Plant” and found it is more than for me to buy another complete progressive press  (although not an ammo plant). Broke = Bad ooh, ah.

However, looking at bullet feeders I saw that RCBS has a new gravity feed bullet feeder which will retail for about $36! RCBS link and here is a really good REVIEW OF RCBS gravity bullet feed from

(pic from link above)


This is great because the Hornady electric bullet feeder retails for $350 by itself! Incidentally, RCBS has their own electric bullet feeder too. The pistol kit is $540! Double oooh and awe!

I am going to order the $36 gravity feeder. Slower than the electric versions? Of course! However, since I put them on one by one now, I think I will be ok. Now, I just need a gravity case feeder!

ETA: doesn’t look like the feeder is actually out yet.

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