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Steyr Fans! Cabelas will have Steyr M-A1 9mm pistols for $399!

In March I blogged that Steyr Arms USA had received a shipment of pistols (Steyr pistol fans – new shipment just in). At the time I checked with my LGS and they were priced pretty high. I don’t recall exactly but I think it was in the $500 – $600 range.

Well, good news if you are looking. I just got a flyer from Cabelas that runs from April 26 – May 6.

In it is the Steyr M-A1 9mm pistol for $399!

Check out the specs here: Steyr M-A1 from If you are a regular you probably know that I am big fan of the Steyr pistols. I have owned an S40 for quite a while. I got a good price on mine since it was during the GSI importation fiasco and Steyr’s temporary withdrawl from import to the U.S. However, I paid more than that! And that was around 2002. Here are some pics of my S40: My S40

Anyway a great pistol at a great price!

Stock photo from (which the Cabela’s ad appears to use also):

Steyr pistol fans – new shipment just in

For folks that didn’t know, I am a big fan of the Steyr pistols. Highly underrated! If you search there are a few posts about my S40.

For fans or those looking to get one now is the time to have your dealer source one (through there normal distributors) I just got the Steyr newsletter and they have just received a shipment of new pistols:


New Shipment Just Arrived!

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We just received a new shipment of pistols from Austria including long awaited M40-A1, M9-A1, and C9-A1 models.  Most dealers have been sold out for a while, so see your dealer soon as these are sure to go fast as well.  We also received 9mm threaded barrels and some HS.50’s in both single shot and the new magazine fed M-1.  Be sure to check our website, as many other items arrived as well.



Steyr to import new pistols and pics of my S40

It has been a long time but Steyr Arms is importing a limited # of pistols this year!
Link here: Steyr Newsletter

So, in honor of this, I think this a Steyr picture post is called for!

The Steyr S40 is a 10 shot compact pistol. The trigger is amazingly crisp (close to a SA break). Size is in between a Glock 23 and 27. Or like an M&P 9c but with a longer grip. Fits the hand VERY well.

Sites are “trapezoid.” Front site is like a pyramid with a triangle. Rear is like the Glock “U” bracket except angled to match the pyramid. I was going to replace them with 3-dots, but found they work amazingly well.

The pistol was tight from the factory which was a bit of a surprise from a polymer framed pistol. After a couple of 100 rounds it broke in nicely. The wife loves to shoot it, which is a surprise because she does not like 40’s in general. Perhaps it is because the bore axis on the pistol is very low to the hand which makes it pleasant to shoot. I have seen some new polymer framed pistols advertise “low bore axis” but the Steyr really does.

All in all, a highly under-rated pistol.

Some comparison pics.
Steyr S40 vs Glock 23

Steyr S40 vs Glock 27

Here’s a pic of the famous trapazoid/pyramid/triangle sites

Hope the street price of the new Steyrs is fair. If so, I will be adding adding a S40A1 to match.

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