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Steyr to import new pistols and pics of my S40

It has been a long time but Steyr Arms is importing a limited # of pistols this year!
Link here: Steyr Newsletter

So, in honor of this, I think this a Steyr picture post is called for!

The Steyr S40 is a 10 shot compact pistol. The trigger is amazingly crisp (close to a SA break). Size is in between a Glock 23 and 27. Or like an M&P 9c but with a longer grip. Fits the hand VERY well.

Sites are “trapezoid.” Front site is like a pyramid with a triangle. Rear is like the Glock “U” bracket except angled to match the pyramid. I was going to replace them with 3-dots, but found they work amazingly well.

The pistol was tight from the factory which was a bit of a surprise from a polymer framed pistol. After a couple of 100 rounds it broke in nicely. The wife loves to shoot it, which is a surprise because she does not like 40’s in general. Perhaps it is because the bore axis on the pistol is very low to the hand which makes it pleasant to shoot. I have seen some new polymer framed pistols advertise “low bore axis” but the Steyr really does.

All in all, a highly under-rated pistol.

Some comparison pics.
Steyr S40 vs Glock 23

Steyr S40 vs Glock 27

Here’s a pic of the famous trapazoid/pyramid/triangle sites

Hope the street price of the new Steyrs is fair. If so, I will be adding adding a S40A1 to match.

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