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Virginia removes 25 States from CCW Reciprocity including WA and FL (Note: UT is still valid)


Virginia’s Attorney General has completed an audit of 30 States and removed 25 of them from their reciprocity list. The VSP has accepted the changes which go into effect Feb 1, 2016.

Of interest is that Florida has been removed – which also means VA residents lose their ability to CCW in FL and must now get a FL non-resident license to continue to do so. My home state WA has also been removed.

Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia will continue to be recognized.


Here is some commentary from the Washington Post that it is suspected to be a political move by the AG:

What states don’t honor non-resident CCW licenses? (or explaining multi-state CCW)

Someone yesterday asked me what states honor what CCW licenses. I had to add the caveat that some states only honor licenses issued to their own residents. For example, I live in Washington but I have a Utah CFP, obviously as a non-resident. Florida honors a Utah CFP — BUT only for Utah residents. Now, as luck has it Florida does honor Washington’s CPL.

So, what states honor what is not always a quick and easy answer. To make matters worse it is not always the same. Some states add or remove other states. For example, New Mexico and Florida. First they were reciprocal. Then they were not. And now they are again. Best to check right before your trip!

The best two sites, IMO, for looking up reciprocity is Florida’s site:
Utah’s BCI:

Both have a lot of information and links to the other states. They are also the two most common CCW licenses used for interstate carry.

To answer the original question of what states don’t honor out of state (non-resident) CCW licenses I extract the info from the FL site (so you don’t have to) they are:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • South Carolina


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