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Finally finished my EPL – NRA Life Member now – and now new memberships are only $300!

I got my NRA Lifetime Membership packet this weekend! Woohoo! I have been an EPL (Easy Pay Life) Member for quite a while (7, 8 years?) and am happy to have made my final payment. I paid $750 and I know that it shot up to $1000 shortly after I started EPL.

However, I am pleased that any life member can sign up family and friends for only $300! (I am sure it is a one time payment deal though).

So, if you are not a lifetime member (or an NRA Member) I would highly encourage you to sign up now!
In case you don’t know anyone shoot me a message, I think all you need is a referral code.

Trijicon instructor discount (2012)

Someone asked about Trijicon and I thought I would ping them. I really like that new Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 :)

Here is what I got back:

Thank you for your interest in Trijicon products. The Instructors program: You will receive (1) Optic and (1) set of Trijicon Night Sights once per calendar year. Please provide us with your credentials as well as your optic of interest then we can quote you a price.


(This was just today, so I haven’t gotten a price back yet)


Personal Security Systems (kydex) Holsters NRA Instructor Discount

PSS offers a 10% discount to NRA Instructors:

Law Enforcement / Military / Instructor Discount
Active duty LEO / Mil are entitled to a 10 percent discount off the entire order (less shipping). It’s our way of saying “Thanks!”. NRA Certified Instructors are also eligable for this discount. Please contact for verification before or after ordering to receive a discount / refund. All provided information is considered classified. No mention of a particular unit / operator using our gear will ever be made without expressed, written permission from the individual.
They have a pretty good list of firearm molds too! (S&W 4506 is on there!)

Beretta IHEA/NRA Instructor Pricing

Pricing request form is now available in downloads. Please note that it is for LONG GUNS only.

This is by the request of someone on CarolinaShootersForum which for some reason I can’t seem to join.

I had previously linked directly to IHEA but it no longer works. So, I requested the form.

Fax form to: 301-283-2191 EXT 1369. Include email or phone # so that you can get pricing.

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