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Sources Report MARSOC to Purchase Colt 1911A1 Rail Guns – Soldier Systems

We have been waiting to hear the results of this for a while! It is the replacement for the hand-fit Colt 1911s they currently have. They could not have gone wrong with the Springfield or Colt entry. However, congrats Colt!


The Colt Rail Gun:

Springfield 1911 updates: fix hammer drop, add ring hammer, sear, sear spring and fit new safety

Well, it has been awhile since I posted 1911 hammer drop to half-cock (July 22, 2010!) Some projects just get pushed back. I have been messing with 10mm and 40s a lot more than 45ACPs lately, but I digress.

To recap my previous post…
The problem was that my 90s Edition Springfield 1911A1 (kind of in between the GI and the MilSpec before they offered either) had been converted with Ace Hindman’s help to 45 Super and spent a number of years running Ace’s “Tactical Loads” (185gr @ 1200-1400fps). Unfortunately, I suspect, that accelerated wear help bring about intermittent hammer drop. Meaning that the hammer falls from cock to half-cock. Not good.

Here is what it looked like (from the original post):

Examining it showed a little more wear on the hammer than I would like. I filed on it and was softer than I would have thought. In fact, I messed it up.

Oh well, I like ring hammers and might as well swap it out. Might as well do a few other things too since the parts more than likely would have to be fit. Here is what I ended up doing:

  1. STI Match Sear – these are HARD and are almost perfectly cut out of the bag
  2. EMC Ring (commander) round hammer – I just like the look of these and they are bars tock for the purists.
    The sear and hammer went together perfectly!
  3. Colt 1991 Commander grip safety – because I don’t need/want a beavertail, I don’t want to notch the stock one for the ring hammer. This one dropped right in.
  4. Wolff Sear Spring – very mild arching
  5. Replace frame pins – they had become loose, falling out if you tilt the pistol
  6. Colt aluminum solid long trigger – I love this trigger in my Delta. No frills, no set screw to back out. People looked at me like I was crazy. I think that if I had gone with a normal lightweight trigger I would not have had to arc the new sear spring. It replaces a Pachmayr long trigger (its polymer!)
  7. STI extended safety (more on this below). I actually wanted a classic 1911 Army-style safety but couldn’t find one. Oh well, single-sided safety it was.

So, I needed to fit the original stock safety to work with the new parts. So, I fit it (more like attempted). It actually came out decently and functional but it dropped down to the “fire” position a little too low and the detent stop was a little off.  A safety is cheap and I am kind of picky. My local gun smith fit it and checked that everything else was ok.

Here is what it looks like (finally) completed:


There we go, only 2 short years later it is completed and a new life for a pistol that I originally bought in 1990. At least I got better at taking pictures.

Ruger to introduce 1911 on April 18? Leaked photo..

So, supposedly on p 119 of “Combat Arms” there is an AD of the June issue of “Shooting Times” (confused yet?) with the pistol on the cover. Oh, and supposedly Ruger has a new pistol announcement on the 18th. Coincidence?

I am a little disappointed that it isn’t built on the Zytel/polymer frame like the P345. This would reduce the weight, give you replaceable backstraps, add checkering to frontstrap, etc. That surely would have made it stand out (and also piss off the 1911 purists). Oh well, the purists have yet another 1911 to chose from. At least it doesn’t have front cocking serrations.

Anyway, here is a pic of the pistol…(click to enlarge)

That leaves remarkably few that do not make a 1911. HA! When I bought my first one in 1990 people made fun of me because of the “wonder-nine” craze and said that the 1911 and 45ACP were done. Double-HA!

SwampFox, serious 10mm ammo

Have you guys heard of

They have been getting excellent reviews for providing full power 10mm (and other calibers). Several people on various forums have confirmed SwampFox’s velocity #’s which are amazing. I just ordered some myself.

Check out this 10mm 200gr XTP load @ 1325fps!
(WARNING: For supported chamber pistols only!)

For those pistols without a fully supported chamber like Glocks and quite a few 1911’s I got this load:
10mm 200gr XTP @ 1240fps (still smoking!) I got a box of this too for my Colt Delta Elite.

I have been looking for a “thumper” woods load for camping/hiking/etc. And have selected this 200gr JFP (full power 1325fps). Again WARNING: For supported chamber pistols only!)

These loads are exactly why I bought a pair of S&W 1006’s!

They offer 5 round packs so that you can try the ammo, and will custom load to your specs!
They also offer other calibers like 45ACP+P and 357magnum. I am a big Hornady XTP fan, but they do offer other popular bullets too (Golden Saber, SilverTip, Gold Dot, etc).

Can’t wait to try it out! (More info to come later)
I am not affiliated, just a big fan of full power ammo.

No more Browning HiPower in 40S&W — all steel 40’s scarce

Did anybody notice that the HiPower chambered for 40S&W is no longer on the website?
I was looking at current production ALL STEEL 40S&W’s and was disappointed to see that it is gone.

So, what does that leave?
1. CZ75 based pistols (compact discontinued although RAMI still made)
2. Tanfoglio EAA Witness (CZ copies)
3. Surely, somebody makes a 1911 chambered in 40. Perhaps STI
4. Springfield EMP (shrunken 1911)
5. Sig P229 Elite (I think this is still in production)

Used market!
1. S&W 4006 <---- leaning towards 2. Colt Defender 3. Browning/FN HiPower 4. Sig P229 stainless 5. HK P7M10 6. CZ75 Compact I am sure there are more, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind...

Coonan shipping!

from Coonan:
“Great news, we’re shipping pistols! We expect to be shipping up to 10 pistols a day to fill the orders that have been placed, and are making every effort to ship all pre-orders so you have them by December 24th”

So, who bet against me that the Coonan would ship before the Vltor Bren-Ten (formerly known as the Fortis)?

Congrats Coonan!

For those unfamiliar with the mighty 1911 chambered in 357MAGNUM (the revolver round not the 357Sig) here is a pic from their website


Looking for a custom 10mm? Try the Springfield Armory Custom Carry!Sp

So, I have been musing some sort of custom 1911 for awhile. I, however, have a hard time raising and then spending the significant amount of money required. Note that I am not saying that it isn’t worth it, just that it is quite a hit to wallet.

So, much to my surprise Springfield Armory WILL put together a Custom Carry in 10mm!!

Note: This is from the SA Custom Shop. They are quite a step up from a production pistol like a TRP (and the TRP is quite a pistol in itself). The CC’s are VERY well reputed for craftmanship rivaling other custom brands (although less talked about). I only asked about the CC with a few extra options, but I am sure other models could be done also like the Custom PRO.

The price difference vs a 45 was negligible. Thought I would share, as I muse my finances for 2011.

Kudos to CDNN/MTM (MetalForm) 40 S&W magazine review Part 2

Kudos to CDNN Investments!
CDNN agreed to exchange the magazine for another one. All I had to do (after contacting them) was send it back with a copy of the invoice and note. I had a replacement mag (at no charge) in a few days!

This one locked back 2 out of 3 1911’s I tried it in. Unfortunately, the one it didn’t lock back (ever) was the Colt in 40 which I need it to.

I switched out the Greider 10mm slide stop from my Dan Wesson and viola it locks back in the Colt. Hmm..
Looks pretty good on the Delta too. Actually the Colt #4 slide stop looks pretty good on the DW CBOB.

So, some thoughts.
-Try to find some full follower 40 mags. Maybe Colt, Mec-Gar, Kimber, Wilson?
-Replace the Colt #4 with a Greider or other 9/38Super/40/10mm stop
-Tweak the MTM and try to gets it to work (they were only $12.99)
-Just use 10mm mags.

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