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Verified Springfield currently only offers MIL/LE discounts

I get asked about Springfield quite a bit and it has been awhile since I inquired. They are always very prompt to reply.

Springfield currently offers the LE discount only to LE or Military Instructors. We hope to someday have a program in place for all NRA instructors but we do not at this time.”

I did remind them that S&W and Ruger offer programs.  So, hopefully one day!

2015 Charter Arms (CHARCO) Instructor Price List Available!

Thanks to Scott again it is available in the above discount section. Incidentally, I have renamed it to “Firearms Instructors Discounts” since they may actually be valid for other certs like IHEA, etc.

CharCo IMO is an under-rated company. They are well-known for their innovation like the hammer block/transfer bar – which they gave royalty-free to the industry and now their new (moon) clipless revolvers in 9mm, 40, and 45ACP. They are affordable and well-worth a look. No, I am not sponsored by them :) but I can say that unlike another revolver company they have NOT threatened to sue me and the blog.

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