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Glock Armorers no longer (as of Sept) eligible for Blue Label purchase program!

I just confirmed with GSSF that Glock Armorers are no longer eligible for the purchase program. Previously, Armorers (that are not first responders) could buy (2) Blue Label Glock pistols. This decision was made in September and no notification was given. I only found out due a single sentence stating it in the new “Glock Report” which I received on Sat.

I emailed GSSF for clarification and received this:

“GLOCK, Inc. has discontinued the additional discount purchases for all Armorers. The went into effect at the end of September. This included all armorers. Unfortunately, we were given no advance notice regarding this change.

GSSF members are still eligible for one pistol purchase coupon per year. That program has remained unchanged.”

GSSF Glock Armorers (non-responders) no longer eligible for blue label pistols?

Just got the Volume II, 2012 “Glock Report” and it says:

GSSF members are no longer eligible to purchase additional firearms through their Armorer certifiction

WHAT??? I was just about to make a XMAS-present-to-myself purchase – a Gen4 30. If I am no longer eligible for blue label then, to be honest, I will need to re-evaluate other brands.

I have emailed GSSF for clarification. Googling brings up nothing either.

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