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Just got some Hornady 5.56 TAP T2

I just got in a couple of cases (10 boxes x 20 rds each) of Hornady 5.56 TAP with the 75gr T2 bullet. Yep, its 5.56 TAP and not the 223 version.

The 5.56 is a little hotter and uses the T2 bullet with cannelure.  It also comes in normal brass (not black). Traditionally, the 5.56 variation has been very hard to get. Additionally, it is designed to work in 1:9 and 1:7 twists.

Browsing some internet forums reveals that the law enforcement that use it, like it. Ballistics-wise it gets very good results and reviews. Here is Hornady’s writeup from their law enforcement page:

I was a little surprised to see that it is loaded with LC (Lake City) brass but Hornady has said that it uses other people’s components in addition to their own (specifically TAP).  There must have been (or is) a huge demand for them to not use (or have) their own brass. Mine is head-stamped LC08 and LC09.

Anyway, there is a lot of material written on this round including comparisons of the 223 and 5.56 variant. I am happy that it is available, at least for the time being. I like the concept of their SuperPerformance 5.56, but this can be found for significantly less and has been known to down fairly large game.

Anyway, some pics (click pic for closeup):


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