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Any interest in scanning my original 45 Super info from the originator Ace Hindman?

So, this 45Super THREAD ON SIGFORUM got me thinking…

Is anyone interested in some of the original documentation that I have from 45 Super creator Ace Hindman? Somewhere around here I have original correspondence, including hand-written instructions on beefing up a 1911, his actual pressure test results from Federal and Hodgdon, his handload data, how to cut and ream 308 brass to 45Super (historical significance since Starline 45 Super is now available) and original reviews and write ups from various magazines, books, etc. Ace was truly a gentleman and believed in sharing his work. He was very helpful to this poor, Top Ramen-eating, college student who only owned one pistol at the time. I couldn’t afford the Ace Custom 45’s conversion for 45 Super but that didn’t stop him from helping me.

It will be a significant amount of work to find this stuff, scan it, and post it, so if there is no interest I won’t bother. Please email me (or use the contact page option) if you would like to see the material.

Or just use the poll below…

Clarification: Why I don’t think Glock is the best platform for 10mm/45 Super

So, someone asked for clarification on my statement on why I don’t think that GLOCK is the best platform for the 10mm (or 45 Super).

I think that the GLOCK is a fantastic platform in general. They do an amazing job of balancing spring weight with slide mass to function with every standard factory load.

The problem is when you vary from that. Well, increase the loadings such as with full power 10mm and 45 Super. Full power loads would be from companies like SwampFox, Buffalo Bore, DoubleTap, etc.

There is really no way to absorb the increased recoil (for simplicity’s sake) other than put in a heavier recoil spring. The 1911 for example can have a heavier recoil spring, but also have a heavier hammer spring (like FN/Browning did on the Hipower when upgrading the High Power for 40) and a flattened firing pin spring increasing lock time from a faster operating cycle.

I first ran into this when Ace Hindman helped me put together my first 45 Super back in the early 90’s (Springfield 1911). When I got my second 45ACP it was a Glock 21. He would not recommend shooting 45 Super out of my Glock 21 (even with a heavier spring) unless I also had it MagnaPorted to slow the slide down.

Some folks complain about the lack of chamber support on GLOCK and over the years they have quietly increased head space support. I personally don’t think it is a problem — most 1911’s DON’T have supported chamber. Neither my Colt Delta Elite and Dan Wesson Commander Bobtail (CBOB) have supported chambers. Although in the last year of the CBOB, DW did add it. Perhaps noteworthy, Kimber 10mm’s do.

I have not had any problems with either with fullpower ammo (DoubleTap and my own handloads). But, I think that NOT having a supported chamber exacerbates any lock time issues, especially if the pistol fires out of battery (not saying the GLOCK does).

SwampFox has had some issues with the GLOCKs and their full power loadings and now has a warning against using it in firearms without a fully supported chamber. This implies that a replacement barrel with fully supported chamber (Lone Wolf Dist, KKM, Bar-Sto, Storm Lake, etc) should be OK.

So, IMO, the Glock is not the best platform for 10mm or 45 Super. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are not looking for the top end of handgun ammunition power they are pretty darn close.

1911 hammer drop to half-cock

So, my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 (90’s edition = preMilspec and preGI) is finally showing its age. Purchased in 1990, it spent the first half of its life converted to 45 Super with the help of the round’s designer Ace Hindman. One day I will get around to scanning all of this stuff and write up an blog on the 45 Super.

Anyway, one of things that he recommended that I did not do is replace all of the internal MIM parts. I think 20 years later speaks well of these parts. However, recently I have noticed that the hammer falls to half-cock intermittently (if you were to rack it say 10 times it may fall once).

Not good.

I decided this was a good time to replace some of those MIM parts and make the pistol look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Here’s what I plan to put in it:

1. STI Match Sear – these are HARD and are almost perfectly cut out of the bag
2. EMC Ring (commander) round hammer – I just like the look of these and they are barstock for the purists.
3. Colt 1991 Commander grip safety – because I don’t need/want a beavertail and I don’t want to notch the stock one for the ring hammer
4. Wolff sear spring
5. Replace frame pins – they have become loose, falling out if you tilt the pistol
6. Colt aluminum solid long trigger – I love this trigger in my Delta. No frills, no set screw to back out.

We will see how well this all works out.

Here are a couple of before pics:

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