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6.8 used by U.S. Military overseas

There is much contention about which round would/should replace 5.56 NATO. I doubt that anything will at this time due to our huge investment and general funding climate. If anyone does first I think that it will be MARSOC.

Anyway, if you follow the 6.8 debates on the internet you often hear that the 6.8 is a military-used or tested cartridge. Detractors usually say that it is not true and that there is no evidence that it was ever used despite that some of the folks stating first-hand knowledge are pretty credible. (Not to mention the comments from companies like Black Hills and Silver State Armory). But, as written proof I submit the following quote (and link and pdf) from folks that know a little something about M16/M4/AR15’s:

LMT Press Release

The 6.8 has been used by Special Forces troops in Afghanistan with much success. As the obvious benefits of the 6.8 become more apparent, the US Army is taking the caliber under consideration to replace the 5.56 currently carried by US troops. The 6.8 has proven to be more accurate at longer ranges and have greater hitting power than the 5.56.


LMT should be known to anyone posting anything on an internet forum discussing the AR platform. If not, a quick Google should fix that. They are pretty well regarded :)


website: LMT PR LINK

Yes, it is a little old (2006) but I am not arguing that it is going to be replacing the 5.56 just that it had been used/tested.


Download the PR (pdf) : PR_LMT_6_8_barrel


Pics of putting together an AR15 (black rifle) or two

I get asked frequently by coworkers about putting together an AR15 and/or modifying them. I like AR’s a LOT because there is a plethora of parts and the design is completely modular.

Putting together one is fairly simple if you have the right tools, harder if you don’t (ask me how I know! LOL). Some things are not obvious if you haven’t done or seen it before. There are a LOT of resources available on the internet to help guide you though. At some point I will put together what I used. There are a couple of really good documents/links that explained most of it. Those pins take more force than implied – especially when putting them into a tightly spec’d lower like the Mega.

I have put together a few and found a pics from the builds. Notice that I did not have the correct tools at the time and used a lot of wood and masking tape. I do not recommend this method. Anyway, these are mainly from putting together a couple of 6.8 SPC’s.

Anyway, here are the pics from my

6.8SPC vs 6.5 Grendel ultimate shootoff has no Grendel takers



This is an interesting thread from with lots of rhetoric. Lot’s of strong feelings on both sides but the end result was that no one on the Grendel side would submit their “best” rifle and “best” for Doc Roberts (DocGKR) to test.

There are sibling threads from ARFCOM ( and if you wish to follow the links.

Both rounds are very good and are superior to 223, well except for cost and availability of ammo.

I won’t debate the pros/cons as there has been far too much already written on that. I have my own reasons…But, the 6.8SPC continues to improve with better ammo and rifles. There is already 6.8SPC II, and performance continues (6.8×43) with an active group of supporters and developers like Silver State Armory (SSA). Hornady’s new 120gr SST load has a very good BC.

Shoot what you like, but I am pleased with my 6.8s…

Hornady has a new 6.8SPC 120gr SST Load

This looks like a good load for deer. The ballistic coefficient is about .40 which is better than my favorite load the SSA 110gr Sierra Pro. The only thing is that according to Hornady’s charts (shown below) the drop in the 120gr SST and their 110gr VMAX @ 200 yards is the same.
Notice @ 500 yards (further than I would be hunting deer) the retained velocity is almost the same with the additional energy of a heavier bullet. Drop @ 500 yards is only a little over an 1″ more. That’s the BC.

(Click on pic to enlarge)

I wonder how far off a 110gr caliberated BDC will be with it.
Definitely have to get my hands on some of the 120gr and try it out.

Leupold Custom Shop BDC (bullet drop compensator)

So, a lot of the “tactical” scopes come caliberated for a 223 BDC. Usually 55gr. Now you can use it with any caliber/weight but you will need to compensate for your compensator.

A couple of the scope companies will make a custom one for you that you can swap out. Much easier, especially if you have a favorite load. Leupold and Vortex come to mind.

I am considering an MK AR (1.5-4 or 3-9) and was curious how much it would. Not finding the price on the website I emailed them. The next day I received a price quote of $59.99 + tax. Not bad!

In case you were wondering it would be for a SSA (Silver State Armory) 6.8 SPC 110gr Sierra Pro SP load.

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