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Silly mainstream media – where can I get a kit to convert my ‘standard gun’ into a semi-auto?

I am LMAO at this news article posted today. I repost it because I am sure at some point they are going to realize the ridiculousness of a kit that converts a “standard gun” into a semi-auto. Or maybe they won’t fix it. They clearly don’t care about their gun illiteracy or accuracy in reporting. I suspect they meant converting a 10 round magazine back into its standard capacity (more than 10).

Link to Chicago Tribune Article

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct 10 (Reuters) – California Governor
Jerry Brown vetoed several closely watched gun control bills on

Friday, a move that essentially rebuffs an effort by fellow
Democrats to enact a sweeping expansion of firearms regulation
in the most populous U.S. state.

Brown vetoed the strictest bill, which would have classified
any firearm with a removable magazine as an assault weapon,
calling it an “infringement on gun owners’ rights.” He did,
however sign some new firearms regulations, including a measure
to ban conversion kits used to convert standard guns into

(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein; Editing by Cynthia Johnston)

I am laughing, but I am also deeply saddened by how ignorant MSM and reporters are about firearms. Unfortunately, I fear that it is not limited to firearms, and they don’t seem to care about accuracy in reporting.

However, in the meantime, where can I get one of those kits to convert my standard gun into a semi-auto?

Glock Gen4 goodness (with pic) and good news – Blue Labels shipping now!

My local gunshop called to let me know that my Glock 23 and 27 Gen4s had come in! They said that Glock was definitely shipping now and that they had received more Glocks in the last two weeks than they have all year. Blue Labels, even for law enforcement were running almost two months. My pistols took 2 1/2 months.

Initial impressions?
Build quality is very good. Finish looks like it has changed again. It is more dull and a little greyer. It looks like it will scratch easier than previous iterations, but it is too early to tell. Frame is still stamped made in Austria – folks had been telling me that the all U.S. made models had replaced the Austrian made ones. While the U.S. made models do exist, it appears that they are not in U.S. distribution yet (at least for the models I bought).

The trigger?
It also seems that Glock has been doing some work here. The original Gen4 triggers felt gritty, heavy and stiff (IMO), at least when compared with Gen3s. This pair have great triggers. It is clean with a crisp break. In fact, I think that the reset it better than the Gen3. The break itself seems to have less of the “sproing” found in Gen3s.

The feel?
I really like the “cuboid” grip texture. The small grip of the 23 fits my hand even better than the Gen3. The 27 small grip may be a bit too small. Range time will tell. I didn’t like the mag release in pics but it does feel pretty good. I found nothing wrong with the Gen3 release so I would have preferred that they didn’t change it.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I am glad to have some Gen4 to gain some experience on. Even the Glock Armorers Course was very light on them. I will report back when I get some range time on them. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect both to come in at the same time, so I ran out of $ to buy ammmo :)

Eventually these will replace my other non-Glock brand polymer pistols as my daily CCW.

Obligatory camera phone pic below (click pic to enlarge):


Pelosi “I know the Consitution”: Speaks of 1st Amendment (!) Right to Keep & Bear Arms and workplace recreation/hunting

She is one of our Senators. She represents CA. She writes and votes on legislation (although by her own admission doesn’t read it first). And as she says:

I know the Constitution.

Well. She doesn’t. And she doesn’t even know she doesn’t.

From which has video:

“We avow the First Amendment. We stand with that and say that people have a right to have a gun to protect themselves. in their homes and their jobs, whatever, and that they — and the workplace and that they, for recreation and hunting and the rest,” Pelosi inarticulately told Wallace.”

Apparently we have the right of workplace recreation and hunting.

If you haven’t contacted your legislators yet, I urge you to do so immediately. I have posted the letter I wrote as a sample, as well as links to finding and contacting your legislators.

My sample letter:

Feinstein & Boxer in lala land: Asks CA civilians & police to lay down arms ushering in peace

This illustrates that Senators Feinstein and Boxer live in LA LA LAND. They are asking as a sign of how the people want gun control for civilians AND law enfocement to lay down their arms!

“The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt,” said a Senate communications intern. “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

Throughout the day, Senators Feinstein and Boxer made desperate pleas for their California constituents to turn in their guns and not confront the crazed gunman because this would be a perfect test of their anti-gun proposals.

Here is a great article/source:


CA introduces semi-auto ban & confiscation – can’t be outdone by NY

Not to be outdone by NY as the most restrictive state regarding firearms CA has introduced a new draconian bill:


The 10-bill package constitutes the single largest gun control push in decades in the Golden State, which already boasts some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. It joins equally controversial proposals from Assembly Democrats that would regulate and tax ammunition sales and consider taking the state’s 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners.

I heard that next for consideration was a complete ban on birthday candles to follow (and expand) on Australia’s model:

CA “high capacity” (actually std cap) Mags = Public Nuisance and confiscatable already

Somebody asked me for details on my earlier blog post about travelling through CA that high capacity mags (normal mags to most people) are classified by California Penal Code (recently) as a “public nuisance” and subject to confiscation. These are changes for 2012.

Here are a couple of sources:



and you might be surprised what else is on the list:

California Penal Code Section 18010

Legal Research Home > California Laws > Penal Code > California Penal Code Section 18010

(a) The Attorney General, district attorney, or city
attorney may bring an action to enjoin the manufacture of,
importation of, keeping for sale of, offering or exposing for sale,
giving, lending, or possession of, any item that constitutes a
nuisance under any of the following provisions
(1) Section 19290, relating to metal handgrenades.
(2) Section 20390, relating to an air gauge knife.
(3) Section 20490, relating to a belt buckle knife.
(4) Section 20590, relating to a cane sword.
(5) Section 20690, relating to a lipstick case knife.
(6) Section 20790, relating to a shobi-zue.
(7) Section 20990, relating to a writing pen knife.
(8) Section 21190, relating to a ballistic knife.
(9) Section 21890, relating to metal knuckles.
(10) Section 22090, relating to a nunchaku.
(11) Section 22290, relating to a leaded cane or an instrument or
weapon of the kind commonly known as a billy, blackjack, sandbag,
sandclub, sap, or slungshot.
(12) Section 22490, relating to a shuriken.
(13) Section 24390, relating to a camouflaging firearm container.
(14) Section 24490, relating to a cane gun.
(15) Section 24590, relating to a firearm not immediately
recognizable as a firearm.
(16) Section 24690, relating to an undetectable firearm.
(17) Section 24790, relating to a wallet gun.
(18) Section 30290, relating to flechette dart ammunition and to a
bullet with an explosive agent.
(19) Section 31590, relating to an unconventional pistol.
(20) Section 32390, relating to a large-capacity magazine.
(21) Section 32990, relating to a multiburst trigger activator.
(22) Section 33290, relating to a short-barreled rifle or a
short-barreled shotgun.
(23) Section 33690, relating to a zip gun.
(b) These weapons shall be subject to confiscation and summary
destruction whenever found within the state.
(c) These weapons shall be destroyed in the same manner described
in Section 18005
, except that upon the certification of a judge or of
the district attorney that the ends of justice will be served
thereby, the weapon shall be preserved until the necessity for its
use ceases.

and here is what Section 32390 says (just a circular reference):

Except as provided in Article 2 (commencing with Section
32400) of this chapter and in Chapter 1 (commencing with Section
17700) of Division 2 of Title 2, any large-capacity magazine is a
nuisance and is subject to Section 18010.

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