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Instructor discount updates

Hi all,
A lot of this website’s traffic comes via search engine so I thought I would make a post here for those not following threads in Downloads:

1. Company commonly referred to as “Smith & Wesson” (a registered trademark) to which neither I or this website is affiliated with in any way has suspended its NRA Instructor Program.

2. Ruger has resumed their program

3. Discounts are available from the entire Cerebus/Freedom Group family of products (DPMS, REM, Para, Marlin, etc).

For more detail please visit the Downloads section, and thank you to all the folks contributing up to date info!!

2013 NRA Instructor Updates (S&W ™, Ruger, Remington, Para, CZ)

Site update: I am moving all new Discount information to the “2013 NRA Instructor Discount” tab that is at the top of the website. I got some complaints that they were in too many places and was confusing. Except for these types of updates :)

All the updates below have been provided by fellow instructors so I want to thank them for taking the time to share what they have found out!

Ruger – Slated to begin the instructor program again June 30! No word yet if there will be a new price list.

Remington and Para – Now offers a 25% off of MSRP! Details in the tab above. Pricing on R1 and 870’s looks pretty good. Haven’t compared Para MSRP yet.

CZ-USA – CZ is using the same price list as 2012 (note: there is 2013 available) but an item must be overstocked, which most are not, in order to be eligible. The contact for the CZ program is Kipp Oertle ( he can be contacted about availability of products and orders are placed through him.

S&W(tm) – Shipping estimate is now currently 8+ months!
NOTE: I am not affiliated with the company known as “Smith & Wesson” to which “S&W”(tm) is a registered trademark of its respective holder.

GLOCK – I get requests about Glock frequently. Since they have cancelled their Armorer Purchase program the best pricing is obtained through Blue Label. For non-LEOs this means joining GSSF (which is worth it anyway). A little known benefit of GSSF is that it is a CMP approved club.

That is all for now!

S&W (registered trademark) instructor price list!

The instructor price list from Smith & Wesson (registered trademark – of which I have no affiliation) is now available from them! I just received a packet in the mail today.

Per their lawyers I am not able to make any of it (and a lot of other things) available to you — Even if the item is available freely to the public from them due to copyright infringement. In this case the price list is considered ‘confidential.’ They also claimed that people might get confused that I am not actually affiliated with ‘S&W’ ™ the company. Let me point out & clarify now – I am not in any way affiliated with ‘S&W’ ™

Accordingly, I have removed sales brochures, product spec sheets, pictures of promo items that were given to me by S&W ™ when I worked at an LGS, all instruction manuals, etc.

However, I encourage you to request the instructor packet yourself:

My apologies.

Added instructor discounts: Trijicon, CZ/Dan Wesson, Mossberg, EOTech

in the downloads section!

Trijicon has an official price list for the first time! The night sight discount is minor, but the scopes are pretty significant.

CZ/Dan Wesson appeared to be pretty close to full retail to me. We are also told that you can only order what is in stock. I know that Dan Wesson is still closed due to their recent fire so I suspect nothing is orderable.

The Mossberg price list appears to be pretty good, although I haven’t compared them to retail. The price on the Silver Reserve II makes me want one :)

I haven’t looked at the EOTech yet but it is traditionally very good.

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