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SwampFox, serious 10mm ammo

Have you guys heard of

They have been getting excellent reviews for providing full power 10mm (and other calibers). Several people on various forums have confirmed SwampFox’s velocity #’s which are amazing. I just ordered some myself.

Check out this 10mm 200gr XTP load @ 1325fps!
(WARNING: For supported chamber pistols only!)

For those pistols without a fully supported chamber like Glocks and quite a few 1911’s I got this load:
10mm 200gr XTP @ 1240fps (still smoking!) I got a box of this too for my Colt Delta Elite.

I have been looking for a “thumper” woods load for camping/hiking/etc. And have selected this 200gr JFP (full power 1325fps). Again WARNING: For supported chamber pistols only!)

These loads are exactly why I bought a pair of S&W 1006’s!

They offer 5 round packs so that you can try the ammo, and will custom load to your specs!
They also offer other calibers like 45ACP+P and 357magnum. I am a big Hornady XTP fan, but they do offer other popular bullets too (Golden Saber, SilverTip, Gold Dot, etc).

Can’t wait to try it out! (More info to come later)
I am not affiliated, just a big fan of full power ammo.

Kudos to CDNN/MTM (MetalForm) 40 S&W magazine review Part 2

Kudos to CDNN Investments!
CDNN agreed to exchange the magazine for another one. All I had to do (after contacting them) was send it back with a copy of the invoice and note. I had a replacement mag (at no charge) in a few days!

This one locked back 2 out of 3 1911’s I tried it in. Unfortunately, the one it didn’t lock back (ever) was the Colt in 40 which I need it to.

I switched out the Greider 10mm slide stop from my Dan Wesson and viola it locks back in the Colt. Hmm..
Looks pretty good on the Delta too. Actually the Colt #4 slide stop looks pretty good on the DW CBOB.

So, some thoughts.
-Try to find some full follower 40 mags. Maybe Colt, Mec-Gar, Kimber, Wilson?
-Replace the Colt #4 with a Greider or other 9/38Super/40/10mm stop
-Tweak the MTM and try to gets it to work (they were only $12.99)
-Just use 10mm mags.

MTM (MetalForm) 10mm magazine review

I got these on sale at CDNN for $10 (regularly $12.99). They are not cutting edge as they are blued 8shot. I figured they were a good deal even if I just used them at the range — I was pleasantly surprised by these mags.

Here are a couple of pics (along with my stock Colt mag). Sorry for the low quality, they are from a camera phone:


Colt for contrast. Similiar, no?

MTM. Holds the rounds surprisingly well.

MTM baseplate…odd that it is not marked, all my other MTM’s are

The MTM 10mm’s lock back in the three 1911’s I tried them in. Insert and eject fine (loaded or empty). Have a non-tilt follower that feeds rounds at a good angle. All in all a pretty good deal.

Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe IWB with fullsize 1911

I felt like carrying my Colt Delta Elite yesterday. It didn’t feel heavy and despite the 5″ barrel was comfortable. CCW “comfort” really depends on what you are used to and what you are willing to put up with. One thing I have noticed is that if I don’t position the pistol just right I get a little leg pain. However, yesterday it was perfect. I didn’t even notice the weight/size until today when I switched to a smaller pistol.

Concealing a fullsize 1911 pistol IWB is definitely doable. Is is as concealable as a pocket pistol? Well, duh, obviously not. Wearing a shorts and t-shirt? Yes, concealable, but not if you are going to sit down, bend over, make a lot of motions with your arms. Or at least not as much as say an M&P 9c, a mini-Glock or one of the even smaller new super mini-pistols.

But, here is a pic of my Delta in my Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe. Great holster. Very concealable, and the open bottom design means it will work with other 1911 pistol sizes too.

1911 10mm to 40S&W conversion: New 40S&W barrel for my Colt Delta Elite 10mm

I get asked this a lot.

Yes, you can add a 40 barrel to your 10mm pistol and it is pretty easy.
Here are some pics of what I did to add one to my Colt Delta Elite.

First, find a barrel. This is pretty easy depending on your pistol. Here are a couple of sources:
1911 5″ – Numrich (Kahr)
1911 4.25″ – Brownells (Storm Lake)
Glock – Lone Wolf Dist.
Tanfoglio – EAA

I bought one from Numrich for about $80. It is a very nice 416 stainless barrel. The crown is actually nicer than the stock barrel:

A 1911 is old school (i.e. not modular) so it requiries fitting. It should be minimal and any gunsmith will be able to do it. Other platforms probably will not.

I was going to buy the Wilson video, watch it and fit it myself. However, I sat on the barrel for about 3 months before I decided to just take it to my local smith and have it fit. It took him a few days and cost me less than $50.

Here is what it looks like:

What about mags and springs?
Good questions.

I put it in a 20# Wolff with a standard guide plug that I already had.
I also used the stock 10mm magazines and it has worked perfectly with several brands of ammunition.

If I was to rely on it for self-defense –not sure why I would underload a 10mm–but I would get a couple of 40S&W 1911 magazines with the spacers. The OAL differences of the two cartridges is pretty great so I would be worried about potential feeding problems. Since this is just to use cheap(er) range ammo, it is not an issue for me.

Pretty neat setup for minimal cost.

A Pair of 10′s

08/14/2010 / Comments Off on A Pair of 10′s

One of my favorite pics–My pair of 10mm’s.

(Left)Dan Wesson Classic Commander Bobtail
(Right) Colt Delta Elite

Colt Delta Elite has a standard barrel/bushing (not bull barrel)

I think the confusion started at SHOT Show a few years back when Colt previewed a prototype for the Colt Delta Elite XSE (i.e. “enhanced”) 10mm. However, the current production Colt Delta Elite does indeed have a standard barrel and bushing setup. Nonetheless, I keep seeing on the internet complaints about the bull barrel that it does not have.

Colt tells me that the XSE version of the Delta Elite is still in the works but not to expect it any time soon. With Colt selling as many 1911’s as they can build and introducing new 45ACP variants every couple of months (double action Governments, New Agent, Lightweight Governments, Defenders in 9mm), etc. I am not surprised.

So, all of those complaining that they would not buy a Delta because of the bull barrel, well, it isn’t. Go buy one!


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