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SHOT Show request: Tisas

By request, I stopped by the Tisas Booth while I was there. They make very inexpensive 1911’s. I would tell you more but the staff had no interest in talking to anyone.  Literally no one.

So, the pistols seemed OK. They were a little rough but looked like they would be functional after a good break in. Reminded me of a Norinco, but something about them seemed cheap. I don’t know if it was the steel or the finish or maybe the parts it just didn’t feel as good as, say a RIA.

Now, don’t call me jaded just yet. I was trying to be objective. In fact, another Turkish Brand Sarsilmaz just a day early left me super impressed. So much that I will be getting one down the road.

The Tisas line? Not so much. The 1911 is an intricate design. It is n expensive design compared to modern standards. It is not something that you can skimp on.

Click on pic to enlarge.






SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #9 – STI’s (2) 10mms & superb 1911s

I have seen an STI or two. But I have never seen their entire line. They have a lot to offer other than the Spartan (entry level 1911 which is most commonly seen at gun shops in my neighborhood).

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offer (2) 10mm’s! This is nice considering that a few years back they offered none.

Additionally, I was duly impressed by their 1911 line. Their variety is amazing. Build quality phenomenal. They build superb 1911s. I am a huge fan of their wide-body pistols. If I buy another 1911 (and you know I will) my next one will be an STI.

Click on pic to enlarge.

First the 10’s




A few others that I liked




SHOT Show – Highlight #8 – Sarsilmaz! (Turkish CZ clone) aka SARArms aka EAA SAR


I stopped by the Sarsilmaz booth Media Day because it didn’t look too busy. What I saw pleasantly surprised me. They have a pretty good line of pistols, mainly looking like CZ’s, USPs, and Walther P99s.

They reminded me of entry-level Tanfoglio pistols, but nicer. They were well put together and the triggers were very nice.

I shot the one in the bottom picture, it was a polymer frame 9mm. Very pleasant to shoot an accurate. It does not have a decocker if it is important to you. There was a line of people waiting to shoot one after I was done. Nothing like the sound of a functioning pistol to pique folks’ interest.

I wouldn’t mind owning one. I would choose it over an entry-level Tanfoglio like the EAA Witness.

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SHOT Show – Highlight #7 – the BrenTen lives, according to VLTOR

It wasn’t at their booth. I looked. So, I cornered one of the reps and asked them about it. Mainly I wanted to know why they would spend so much $ on the project and abandon it (original designs, re-design, prototype, secure the rights to the BrenTen name, etc).

To my surprise he replied that it wasn’t dead. In fact, he said that they had just released a blog post update about it. I couldn’t find it. That was disappointing. Maybe it is buried somewhere, but the fact that they didn’t even have the prototypes that they had from years ago wasn’t encouraging.

He reiterated the previous blog posts that there were problems with the original castings. Fair enough, but we have been hearing this for a while. But, I remain hopeful. After all, he could just have said that the project was DOA and ended the conversation quickly.

SHOT Show – Highlight #6 – the legendary Sphinx!

I have heard about these for YEARS but never seen one. Even the rep. referred to it as a mythical unicorn of pistols. I stumbled across them locked in a plastic container. The rep was kind enough to unlock it and let me handle one. They were not available to shoot. He told me that the final U.S. version would come with a polymer frame. The aluminum frame will still be an option (and is not SN’d).

This pistol feels great. 100% ergonomic in the hand – the only thing that feels as comfortable to me is a Browning HiPower. The tolerances on the pistol are amazing. It is smoother and tighter than any other CZ-pattern pistol I have felt. That includes CZ-Custom and Tanfoglio Customs.

I didn’t ask about price or availability. Unicorns are rarely inexpensive.


Click on pic to enlarge.


SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #5 – Jamming the new Ruger GP100 Match Champion

This was a really nice pistol and I was glad to see Ruger come out with a competition GP100. I am a huge fan of the GP100 line in general. Except it jammed. Repeated attempts of clearing I could not get it to function. Check out the picture though. It was really dirty. Weird thing is that it had been firing Hornady Critical Duty (or was it Defense).

They took it off the line and gave me another one. Ah, much better! Weight and balance is great. Trigger? Better than a stock GP100 but they have some catching up to do against the other company’s SSR (tm – owned by that company). Grips much better than the giant Hogues they put on the GP normally, but again not quite up to par. I don’t know what MSRP is in comparison though.

LCR with hammer in the pic? Winner!


Click on pic to enlarge.


SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #4 – Colt ships it AR15A4 20″ Govt & I shoot it. Poorly at that.

You may seen that I have one of these on order since the day that they announced it. I asked and was told that they had just started shipping. 200 have gone out to distributors. This rifle was to replace my Bushy Govt which replaced my Colt Sporter Match HBAR from many years ago. It was well put together and looked great. I forgot to look at the rollmarks. Sorry guys.

I don’t know if it is because the Tavor threw me off or if I am just used to M4gerys but the weight/balance of the heavy 20″ just did not sit right (and I remember when I thought a 16″ AR didn’t feel right) – but the end result was that I couldn’t hit much with it.

Hmm..maybe I should change my order to a Tavor. I think every collection needs a 20″ though.


SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #3 – The Remington R51

The Remington R51 is REAL. And it is nice. Rem had several displays with the pistols to actually handle. The grip safety is unobtrusive. The synthetic frame is comfortable. Trigger? Not bad! MSRP? $420 and made in the USA. I predict they are going to sell a truckload and add me to the list!

I was disappointed that there wasn’t one at Media Day to shoot, but apparently it wasn’t quite ready.

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SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #2 – the TAVOR

I *****must***** have one of these! The IWI Tavor was simply amazing. Any reader of the blog knows that I am huge fan of the AR15 platform, but I simply could not miss with this rifle. The rep. even snuck in an extra mag to let me rapid fire it. I must have had a huge grin on my face. I shot the 3rd one over – 5.56  with open sights (yep, there are flip up sights in the rail).

Click on pic to enlarge


SHOT Show 2014 – Highlight #1 – Got to meet Gunny!

Some folks have been wondering about SHOT Show. Yes, I was there. Unfortunately, events in my life forced me to return home. Not fun cutting a trip short to come back to work. I do have some limited pics of the first couple of days and a lot of general impressions that I will be sharing in the near future.

Here is one of my highlights.



I am not sure if I would have smiled, but the guy working the camera didn’t give us chance taking the picture on 2 after telling us “on 3.”

Gunny was friendly and an honor to meet.

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