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Just ordered a CMP Garand

Well, I just submitted my paperwork for another M1 Garand (it will be my second). It should only be a short 6 month wait! Wow, and I thought 2 months was a long wait last time! How times change.

For those not familiar CMP = Civilian Marksmanship Program they have some great benefits & programs! One of their most popular benefits is the purchase of a former issue M1 Garand rifle! Meeting the program requirements is not very hard and you can own a piece of history. If you have any interest I would purchase in the near future, you never know what will happen, or how long supply will last.

Anyway, just wanted to share :)

Here is my Springfield and my Inland M1 Carbine, both from the CMP (Carbines are long gone I am afraid – I wish I got two)…

Wife took my carbine…so a new Colt LE6920 / SP6920 on the way :)

Well, I my wife has claimed my ‘go to’ rifle is now hers. It was a lightweight RRA that I put together. I can’t complain, it replaces her past favorite – an Inland M1Carbine from CMP. It is a great rifle, but ammo is a little spendy (looked at the price of Speer Gold Dot 30 Carbine?)

I have other AR15s but nothing that I want to use as my ‘go to’ rifle. I started pricing out what I wanted, and those quickly rose to more than I wanted to spend or simply was too long of a wait to get. At the top of my list was a Noveske or BCM. Surprise! My budget (less than $1000) is less than my want list. I need to compromise want vs need.

Putting together a BCM seemed to be in the same ballpark as an assembled LMT or Colt. My local shop is a big Colt dealer (I think they are direct) and have good prices. Very few people will say bad things about the quality (and QC) of a Colt. Sure, sure, there is that whole name/price thing but they have come down dramatically over the years to be competitive. And yes, I have seen a few 6920’s that shouldn’t have been shipped out. Overall, however, they build a great product. Incidentally, this will not be my first Colt (I had an HBAR previously).

To reduce cost I will forgo free floated barrel and 6′ of rail. This means I will not be able to attach my tactical Cuisinart for making margaritas. Again need vs want. I joke, but the $300’ish price difference between a 6920 and 6940 goes a great distance to paying for an EOTech and BUIS.

Time is also a consideration. While I don’t need it this week, I want to get it well before November. There is that whole election AND end-of-the-world thing. lol. Despite what happens with either prices and availability will (excuse the pun) shoot up.

Colt especially sells everything they build. My shop had 4 come in this week. Two were pre-sold and the other two sold within a couple of hours. I apparently missed them by a day. I see them in stock online, if I want to pay $200 – $400 more. I will wait and support my local shop too. BCMs are hard to get also.

Before anyone gets upset about getting a Colt, I do own several other brands of AR rifles and I have staked my share of castle nuts and keys. The price spent upgrading parts (BCGs, stocks, buffer springs) can be put towards a new rifle and I still have my range rifles. I just want a low frills goto rifle where I don’t have to do anything. Except for a place to put my batteries, an EOTech with BUIS and SureFire flashlight,  the rifle will stay stock.

Will it be worth the extra $ vs a ‘tier 2’ rifle? I think so, but  I will let you know.

Here is Colt’s spec page: Colt Carbines


CMP M1 Carbine

I have always liked the M1 Carbine, but the .30 Carbine round is kind of small (I like big rounds in general).
However, last year when the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) had some government surplus and the wait was approximated at 6 months I decided to buy one.

Why? Because I was purchasing a piece of U.S. history, supporting youth firearms training, purchasing a limited supply rifle/program, and getting a great rifle!

In addition to the history/collectibility I figured its small size/weight would make a great rifle for my wife. Not so crazy, as for the first range trip my wife and others found it a pleasure and fun to shoot!

I put together my paperwork and rejoined the GCA (Garand Collectors Club) and got my Inland Service Grade in 2 months (not bad!) Definitely not for the impatient however.

Here are some pics, straight off the delivery truck:

Some (attempted) closeups:

If I had the extra $ I would definitely get another! For those interested, please visit ODCMP.COM, the paperwork looks worse than it really is.

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