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SHOT Show 2016: The Kimber K6s Revolver

There has been a lot of questions on this somewhat of a surprise new product. I have to admit, being a revolver fan, I was excited about it myself. Not too many new revolvers, especially from a non-revolver company.

The K6s was not a disappointment. It is a cross between the Ruger SP-101 with its beefiness and a S&W ™ J-frame magnum or more specifically the  640 Pro ™ with its sights and moon clips. The price reflects this (the other product has an MSRP of $839).

The trigger was very good (keep in mind stock pistol) – Smooth pull that is not too long. The initial pull stacks a little but I suspect that it is on purpose. The grips were decent – they had both rubber and wood although the wood is not in the catalog. These were pre-production guns as noted by the wood grips that were stamped “SHOT Show 2016” and their SN’s.

Some things I noticed: They rotate counter clockwise and the back-strap is serrated. It’s cut for moon clips. Overall it is very well done. I can’t wait to see what other models they come out with (with moon clips hopefully semi-auto round chamberings are next).

(click on pic to enlarge)


Check out the SN and the SHOT Show grips:



So, a bunch of us were waiting patiently in line to look at, what appeared to be, the only K6s in the booth.
After viewing it, leaving, we all noticed that there was a stack of them on display a few feet away. LOL



Here are pics of the K6s brochure. I include it  here because I know that not everyone has seen it yet, and it also contains all the details:

k6-1 k6-2 k6-3 k6-4 k6-5 k6-6

return of the medium frame model 66* 357mag!

I must of missed this because I boycotted the booth of a certain American revolver company with an & in the name. I do have pictures of me walking by the booth LOL.

But, I just saw that the 4″ model 66* medium frame  (think Koff or Kilo)! is returning. That is awesome! The 19 has long been a favorite of mine and I wouldn’t mind a stainless. It is a nice brushed matte finish.

I would post a link or a picture, however I don’t want to get sued.


* possibly a registered trademark of the company that registered it as a registered trademark.

Revolver (S&W & Ruger) Cylinder Widths

Just compiling data that I have randomly on sheets of paper all around :)

J frame ——————- 1.3125″
J frame magnum —— 1.34″
SP101 ——————— 1.35″
K frame ——————- 1.455″
GP100 ——————— 1.557″
L frame ——————- 1.562″
N frame ——————- 1.712″
Redhawk ——————- 1.78″
X frame ——————- 1.92″

X frame widths courtesy:

measured 7 guns, all fluted cylinders
ejector —-crane
end ——–end —-gun
1.921 —–1.921—460 12″
1.924 —–1.925—460 10 1/2″
1.925 —–1.926—460 8 3/8″
1.920 —–1.920—460 5″
1.920 —–1.920—460 ES
1.923 —–1.923—500 5″ JR
1.920 —–1.920—500 5″ JR

GP100 and Redhawk courtesy of which pointed me here: which in turn points you here: http://=http//]I%20Gotta%20Tall%20Request%20-%20THR

Rob Pincus at FAS, J-frames, and tiger-striped HiPowers

Well, Rob Pincus was at FAS this weekend. We didn’t find out until late and his classes were all booked. Bummed, he is a good instructor and we enjoy his shows. He is a non-snobby firearms guy.

Here is an article that he wrote: “Choosing a defensive handgun” that has been getting some chatter on firearms forums. In particular, because of his recommendation of a J-frame 38 (or two) as a practical self-defense tool. It is an opinion that I happen to share.

I have to wonder though, with his statement: “As long as you can shoot it well…let your friends snicker at your tiger-striped stainless/blued Browning High Power if they want
Has he been to our blog?

After all, I am big fan of the tiger-stripe HiPower!

Tiger HiPowers in captivity:

OK, ‘fess up who has been snickering?

S&W (a registered trademark – I am not affiliated with) model 37 promo poster

This is a great revolver, I got one a few years back when RSR had exclusive distribution of them. Supposedly, they were (1) made from spare parts that S&W (a registered trademark that I am not affiliated with) had found stockpiled, (2) left over from a police dept. overrun. Who knows? But they were one of the first J-frame Airweights (not J-magnum frame) to be released (relreleased) without the SafTHammer lock. Mine is factory DAO with a bobbed hammer. It is stamped 37-2. Some were stamped “+P” while some were not.


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