MTM (MetalForm) 10mm magazine review

By remat457-Reg-Mathusz

I got these on sale at CDNN for $10 (regularly $12.99). They are not cutting edge as they are blued 8shot. I figured they were a good deal even if I just used them at the range — I was pleasantly surprised by these mags.

Here are a couple of pics (along with my stock Colt mag). Sorry for the low quality, they are from a camera phone:


Colt for contrast. Similiar, no?

MTM. Holds the rounds surprisingly well.

MTM baseplate…odd that it is not marked, all my other MTM’s are

The MTM 10mm’s lock back in the three 1911’s I tried them in. Insert and eject fine (loaded or empty). Have a non-tilt follower that feeds rounds at a good angle. All in all a pretty good deal.

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