The new site is in soft go-live!

By remat457-Reg-Mathusz

The new site is open (soft go-live) and will replace this one completely in the next few days barring any major problems!


The new site is almost live and in the final stages of testing and tweaking. Thank you Lou for testing a number of the new features! I will (hopefully) be switching completely over next week (the domain will point to the new site).

As of today I am posting and putting any new files/discount information on the new site (double-entry stinks).
Here is some more information:

As of 2/19/16 the files section has been moved over to the new site!

The new Firearms Instructors Discount Page is here:

The files are for registered NRA Certified Instructors Only.
Some of the vendors offered a discount promo code and I was asked to secure them.
If you were a registered member here, your account should have been migrated over with the password of “instructor”. (Don’t type the quotes) If you were not a member, please register – the new site should be live 100% next week.

Thank you!

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