updated: 04/22/2013

Reg Mathusz aka remat457

I have been an NRA Certified Instructor since 1990 serving the South King County, WA area — Seattle/Tacoma. Up until a few months ago I was also an Utah Certified Firearms Instructor (it expired and I probably won’t renew it). I am also a Glock Certified Armorer and recently completed my local city’s FEMA CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

I have a variety of firearms experience which includes working in a few different gun shops while going to college at night.

One thing people don’t seem to accept is that there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to what an individual prefers as far as firearms/ammo. I adore revolvers and “old school” firearms like 1911’s and HiPowers which exude a bit of soul and craftsmanship. But I also admire the functionality and utilitarianism of “modern” firearms like Glocks and M&P’s. I am a power fiend, however. I like magnums, the 10mm and the 6.8 among other things.

Because I get asked frequently:
Q: Do you carry concealed?
A: I hold a WA, OR, and UT CCW. I carry when I legally can. I will talk about other state CCW licenses in upcoming posts. FL is on my list, but I haven’t needed it.

Q: What kind of pistol do you carry?
A: I carry a S&W M&P9c (both registered trademarks) it is perfect for summer. Unless wilderness is involved, in which case I carry a Colt Delta Elite.
This has changed a little. I still really like my 9c but it is a little shorter in the grip than I like. I also am a big fan of 40/180. I have switched back to my GLOCK 23. When it gets too hot it will be my 27.

For wilderness, I have also switched out to the super-beefy S&W 1006. There is a story there. I wanted to customize up my Colt Delta Elite but it wasn’t cost effective. The DE was to replace a Dan Wesson Commander Bobtail 10mm  but full power 10mm is too much for a small pistol. The DW was to replace various 357 magnums, which have just become too expensive to shoot.

I have been pleased with the 1006–so much so that I got two.

Q: What brand/type/weight of ammo do you carry?
A: As long as you can shoot accurately with it and the ammo is reliable it doesn’t matter what you choose. Any well known brand will serve you well. I can’t stress enough shooting what you carry. However, I am a big fan of Hornady XTP/TAP, Speer GoldDot, and DoubleTap. Lately, though, there has been good pricing on Winchester Ranger and I like what I have shot. I like heavy bullets. I just got some Federal HST, but I haven’t tried it yet. SwampFox Ammo builds powerhouse 10mm ammo, but I haven’t shot much of it yet. For 6.8 SPC (and I am a big fan) Silver State Armory and Hornady are king.

For my day job I am a software developer specializing in HL7 interfaces and the Microsoft Amalga (super data warehouse is putting it mildly) platform and building it out for enterprise health care.

I like Lexus, Jeeps, Mustangs and Linux. I also like pie. And pudding.

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