Firearms Instructor Discounts (2016-2013)


As of 2/19/16 the files section has been moved over to the new site!

The Firearms Instructors Discount Page is here:

The files are for registered NRA Certified Instructors Only.
Some of the vendors offered a discount promo code and I was asked to secure them.
If you were a registered member here, your account should have been migrated over with the password of “instructor”. (Don’t type the quotes) If you were not a member, please register – the new site should be live 100% next week.

Thank you!

——————- Deprecated as of 2/19/16:

Price lists are for Certified Firearms Instructors ONLY. By accessing the file you are certifying that you qualify.
All information, product descriptions, pictures, etc. is provided by the manufacturer/administrator of each program.
Any copyright material, information, pictures, logos, etc. are strictly owned by the manufacturer/administrator of each program.
The “remat457 firearms blog” is not affiliated in any way with any of the programs or program providers.
Information remains property of the provider and will be removed at the request of the program’s creator/administrator.

[listyofiles folder=”/NRA2016″ filter=”pdf,zip,xls,xlsx,txt,doc,docx” ]

Thanks to Austin for starting us off and DarkHorse72 for all the others!

02/05/16 – After being plagued with technical issues I have removed the security around the file until an alternate solution can be made.
I am very sorry for the problems and inconvenience.

Thank you!



Not all of the discounts available have forms —  Please see the NRA Instructor Discounts categories in the blog for complete information.


[listyofiles folder=”/NRA2015″ filter=”pdf,zip,xls,xlsx,txt,doc,docx”]

Thanks to Bobbie for starting us off with the first two! Time to start pinging manufacturers!
Thanks Scott for the new EOTech. Sorry to see the 565 and 516 discontinued and again for CharCo!

[listyofiles folder=”/NRA2014″ filter=”pdf,zip,xls,xlsx,txt,doc,docx”]



Thanks Thomas for FN, DD, and Beretta!
Thanks to James for XS Sights
Thanks Josh for Trijicon
Thanks to Darwin and Tate for forwarding!
Thanks Tate for Burris!
Thanks Del for the first 2014 price list!
Thanks JP for the new Kahr Price List!
Thanks to Ethan for the Savage & CZ price lists!

[listyofiles folder=”/NRA2013″ filter=”pdf,zip,xls,xlsx,txt,doc”]

Comments: 147

  1. John wallet says:

    Thanks for putting this together. It’s very helpful. So you know I was able to get the Columbia Pro deal in 2016 by applying and attaching my NRA Rifle Instructor certificate.

  2. Jim Cannon says:

    Anyone have a Sightron price list?

  3. Josh says:

    What is the contact address for the S&W login info?

  4. Dave White says:

    Is a 2016 list planned?

  5. Eric says:

    Ameriglo offers 15% off:

    “We do offer NRA Instructor a 15% discount on Ameriglo products.  Please contact me directly at the number below to discuss further.

    Best regards,
    Myles Waterman
    National Sales Manager
    AmeriGlo LLC
    645 Hembree Pkwy, Ste. K
    Roswell, GA 30076
    470-223-4163      x110″

  6. Jim Oppman says:

    Does Palmetto State give instructor discounts? I am thinking about making a purchase through them. TIA!

  7. Eric says:

    Can you find out if Surefire offers a discount? Thanks for the help!

  8. Reg says:

    I just ordered from the CZ program. They were very easy to deal with. My new CZ75 Compact hould be here in a few days!

  9. Reg says:

    I confirmed the Weatherby eligibility for Instructors.

  10. Greg says:

    Does anyone have the Nikon 2015 price list?

  11. Reg says:

    Someone asked me for Shasta at Remington’s contact info. It appears I don’t have it either. Can someone post it or email it to me?

    I know this section needs to be cleaned up. Will be doing so shortly. Thanks

  12. I am starting classes on handguns and safety for a PPclass. Looking for lists of guns for sale to Instructors.
    Defensive handguns are a second class.
    Need list and contacts !!
    Tom Y

  13. Mark says:

    The discount offered by Henry Rifles is the same as 2014, I wrote to the company to inquire if they are still offering the discount I was sent the 2014 form. I filled it out and sent it in, in a few weeks I received my order, one of my selections was out of stock at the time but was automatically placed on backorder. Their customer service is excellent as are their products.

  14. Zen says:

    I have a price list I will try to post. Unfortunately not much of a selection. Everything is based on availability

  15. Brian says:

    Has any one used the CZ discount? What is the process? How long does it take, specifically if you’re ordering a listed custom shop model (CZ75 SP01 Shadow target)

  16. Tex says:

    Thanks for keeping this project going over time. I don’t use these discounts as much as I’d like (since the guns on my wish list are rarely the models they make available) but these discounts have helped me bring different variants into my classroom. When I can do that it’s good from everyone.

  17. DConty says:

    The Blade-Tech / Packing In Pink discount is a waste of time. I must have eMailed and tried to call them once a week for a MONTH to secure that discount / place an order. Packing In Pink never replied or even picked up the phone.

  18. DConty says:

    2015 Sig Sauer Individual Officer Program (SIG IOP) prices and dealer pdfs are up !

  19. Brad says:

    Have any of the 2015 discount programs started showing up yet?

  20. rodney says:

    Ethans Info on a Savage price list is incorrect. Savage DOES NOT have a discount program for NRA instructors. ONLY for Certified Hunter Education Instructors. I talked with Cathy on the form shown and she confirmed that Savage DOES NOT give a discount for NRA instructors.

  21. Shane says:

    I talked with Crossbreed Holsters today and found out that Instructors get a 40% discount. They said when you want to place a order call them and they will get you the discount. They said all they would need is some type of proof of being a instructor.

  22. Jim Jeffreys says:

    I was tooling around the internet and happened to get on Sig Sauer’s site. They are now offering a discount to NRA certified instructors. It is a part of their LE/MIL discount program. I have attached the link to their website with the information.


  23. Snowcatt says:

    Does anyone know if Crimson Trace is offering an Instructor discount this year?

  24. Brandon says:

    Anybody have info on Vortex Optics?

  25. nate says:

    Is springfield offering any instructor dicounts?

  26. craig says:

    When i purchased my mk9 i simply provided the requested Docs. My purchase from order to my FFL dealer was three weeks. Also i had them provide the night sights they did not charge extra to install. All my dealing with khar have always made me feel like i was important as a customer.

    • Bob says:

      Thanks. I am asking because the form I downloaded says conceal carry instructor not NRA instructor.

  27. Bob says:

    Is the Kahr discount for NRA Instructors or only concealed handgun instructors?

  28. Bob says:

    I just stumbled across this site and want to thank you for it. Very helpful! Thanks!

  29. craig says:

    That’s what i have.

  30. Brad Brown says:

    I have been trying to get the smith and Wesson list since the start of the year. No reponse from Windy or from the instructor email they have.

    • JP says:

      I would suggest trying again, I got a response within 24 hours from Windy, program is basically the same, only a few items went up in price and a few new things added to the list.

    • Larry says:

      SW called me a couple of weeks ago as they finally got to my 2013 order. I asked about the 2014 Instructor discount program and I was told they would include the 2014 program information with my firearms shipment. No word yet on when my order will ship though. At least it sounds like they will be continuing the program in 2014.

  31. Snowcatt says:

    FYI – I emailed Windy Clayton at Smith Wesson, and she emailed me their 2014 Instructor price list. I’m afraid to send it to you after their attorney’s response last year, but thought you and others would like to know.

    • Tate says:

      I have left numerous emails and voice mails with no response. Do you have Windy’s email I will try that to see if I get a response.

      • Snowcatt says:

        That’s odd, Windy’s email was in my reply but wasn’t posted. The website must be stripping email addresses. Here it is again:

      • Snowcatt says:

        Hi Tate: Here’s the email I used for Windy at Smith Wesson; it took a couple days for her to respond.

        Clayton, Windy

        Let me know if you need anything else.

  32. DaveP says:

    Are there any reloading companies that offer discounts? I’d love to pick up a nice Hornady or Dillon press for a deal.

    • Brandon says:

      I know Lyman has a good discount. Email Illona Rohrig and send in your credentials. It’s a percentage off dealer pricing.

      RCBS’s discount is not that great. It’s a percentage off retail.

      Dillon is only 10%. Covers the cost shipping.


  33. Angie Mason says:

    Any sites give a discount on blue guns?

  34. Jim Cannon says:

    Savage. Savage. Savage.

  35. Craig says:

    I ordered both unit at the same time (May 2013). Keep in mind Smith & Wesson Was upgrading there computer systems. My pistol arrived 11/14/2013. The rifle arrived 01/10/2014. So the process can take awhile.

    • JP says:

      Wow that’s much longer than mine. I ordered two handguns from SW in June, they told me one would be at least 6 months and the other 10 months. I guess I got lucky, the first gun arrived in 3 weeks and the other in 6 weeks.

  36. craig says:

    Great!!! Glad to hear. Final recieved my second unit Mp Moe 15 from Smith and Wesson.

    • Snowcatt says:

      How long did it take to get your SW’s? I waited too long to order in 2013 and they closed the program. I’m looking forward to SW’s 2014 program.

  37. Tate says:

    I just received the Burris Discount form and the price list 50% off.

  38. JP says:

    Well its 2014 now, I’ll probably start contacting companies in a few weeks to see what they have in store for us this year.

  39. Snowcatt says:

    Does anyone know if C-More has any Instructor discounts?

  40. Jim says:

    Anyone now about Savage’s NRA discount program?

  41. Aaron says:

    The Mossberg form requests Hunter ed certification. Does anyone know if NRA instructor number is accepted? Also has anyone had success ordering off list? I’d like a 930, just not necessarily in mossy oak.

  42. Snowcatt says:

    A few years ago I called Henry Rifles and they provided an NRA Instructor discount on a rifle they didn’t have listed as being eligible for the program. Mr Imperato is a very nice guy and very supportive of our program.

  43. jp says:

    Does Henry still offer discounts?? Does anyone know if you can get a 22 mag lever action through their program?


  44. bassist says:

    FYI: Smith has suspended the NRA Instructor discount program indefinitely. Tried to order a firearm today and they claim it has been suspended since August.

    • Snowcatt says:

      I emailed the woman at SW who handles the NRA Instructor orders about a month ago and she confirmed the Instructor purchase program is cancelled until next year.

  45. JP says:

    If anyone is wondering about EOTech the wait has been 8 weeks for me, ordered the beginning of September and the sight arrived today.

  46. Jim Cannon says:

    Any Aimpoint news? I’d really like to get one ordered.

  47. Jim Cannon says:

    Is the cz list just retail only?

  48. Brad Brown says:

    Does anyone know if the Ruger program started back up yet? I know it was put on hold earlier this year. Thanks!

    • Stan Long says:

      The Ruger Instructor Discount resumed in late June. Ruger received my order, for a 10/22, on June 28th and processed it.

    • Rod Ririe says:

      I just ordered from Ruger today. It seems it is up and running fine. Contact Linda DeProfio ( 203-256-3865 for info and NRA sales. She’s extremely helpful. I requested a price and had a response and PDF forms 3 minutes later.

      • Josh says:

        Kenny, if you have a digital copy of the form send me a copt at or send a copy to remat457 so he can post it on the site. I hope Shasta gets back to me soon.

      • Josh says:

        I emailed Linda today and she said you can also request quotes for things that are not on the list. She mentions not everything they have is eligible but a lot of it is, I assume things like their ARs are not available.

  49. Kenny says:

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure if they had the same policy or not. I spoke with a representative at Remington and they said Instructors can get 25% off of handguns, and 33% off of long guns (pending authorization).

    • Josh says:

      Got approved for the shotgun I wanted but the discount price really isn’t worth the hassle, plus I was told tax is added, so in the end I would only save $10-20 and would have to wait a few months since its backordered.

      • Kenny says:

        For Remington? 33% should be worth it, otherwise your local dealer is getting you a great deal! As for tax, yeah it’s a bummer but your dealer charges it too. I saved a few hundred even on a low-end rifle, so you should end up saving more than $20 on a shotgun? The backorder does stink though. I ordered two rifles, the one shipped right away but I’ve heard no word on the second (both of which were supposed to be in stock). I’m waiting to hear back from their rep.

      • remat457 says:

        However, do appreciate the feedback!

    • Josh says:

      I hope the 33% off on long guns is true. I put in a request for a shotgun back in June and never heard anything back, called Shasta today and she said it must have fallen through the crack and she resubmitted my request.

      • Josh says:

        Does anyone have the contact information Shasta (phone number, e-mail contact, or even a last name for him)? Calling the main Remington phone number has been unsuccessful in contacting anyone familiar with the program. Thank you

      • Kenny says:

        I don’t have a problem sharing the form, but it’s pointless. You have to first be authorized by Remington (pass it on to Shasta, he doesn’t approve them but he’s the liaison).

        So, email Shasta with: Proof of instructor status, list of item(s) wanted WITH the SKU# from their website, and the reason you want them. This last part is the most important. Take note: even if you are only a pistol instructor you can still qualify for long guns if they think your reason is good enough. Once you give that all to Shasta and he notifies you if you’ve been approved or not he’ll email you the form. So that’s why it would be pointless for me to post the form: it’s only the second step.

        Also note that as long as the product is in stock they’ll ship it immediately, no 9-month wait like half of these companies!

      • Kenny says:

        It is, I filled out the form last week and today saw I had my credit card charged by Remington. FYI Shasta (who is a guy) is the primary contact for all of Remington’s sister companies as well (Marline, Bushmaster, etc) when it comes to NRA Instructor Discounts.

  50. Kenny says:

    Does Marlin offer any discounts?

    • Cobrasc3 says:

      Hi Kenny,

      Marlin, Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS, Para USA, HR 1871, Dakota Arms, Parker, Advanced Armament, and Tapco are all a part of the Freedom Group and should honor the 25% discount for instructors.

  51. nate says:

    does bushmaster have any discounts for NRA instructors

  52. Snowcatt says:

    Thanks Craig. Guess we’ll take our business elsewhere.

    • remat457 says:

      To be fair – Neither Colt or Springfield offer anything either. DW Rem do though.

      • Snowcatt says:

        Has anyone talked to Colt or Springfield about Instructor discounts lately? Colt did offer discounts years ago. Thanks.

      • remat457 says:

        Colt has not offered one at least for the last few years. They have said that they would like to in the future though, but it wouldn’t be immediate. Springfield does not offer one but if you email/call sometimes they send you swag to give to students.

  53. craig says:

    NO Kimber has not offered discounts.

  54. Snowcatt says:

    Hi Y’all:

    Does anyone know if Kimber offers an NRA Instructor discount? Thanks,


  55. remat457 says:

    Someone asked about Aimpoint. I haven’t seen anything from them in a while. I just emailed them to ask.

    • Josh says:

      All I have seen is a 20% discount if you are a member on Promotive, but it is not their full line of products. NRA Instructors can join the Tactical Instructors team to get access to the discount.

  56. Max says:

    Anyone know if Savage offers an NRA Instructors Discount?

    • Josh says:

      Yes Savage has a program, contact Cathy Hale at and she can give you a quote on specific models. When I requested a quote a few months back it was a little over 40% off MSRP.

      • Josh says:

        Correction, I emailed Cathy and she said the program has been suspended through the rest of the year.

  57. The Charter Arms list spreadsheet is in the botched up Microsoft Excel xml format. (and I rightfully say ‘botched up’, because Microsoft outright defies existing standards and does whatever they want to intentionally be incompatible..just like they did with Netbios/SMB, IPSec..etc)

    You can still open it up, without purchasing the latest version of Microsoft Office.
    Either 1) go to the Microsoft website and download the compatibility pack.
    2) download LibreOffice, which is an OpenSource and FREE office suite that is a fork of the Sun Microsystems Star Office product line..and had features years before MS document file print (but LibreOffice has always had features like Export to PDF…FOR FREE).

  58. Jamie says:

    Glock said their wait time is about 270 days after order is put in. That is what they emailed me last week.

  59. Josh says:

    I just place an order through Samp;W, I will update on how long it takes to get them. If you contact Windy Clayton at she can tell you whether a product is in stock or if it is backordered, how many are backordered and a rough estimate of how long it will take to get it.

    • Brad says:

      SW is shipping guns. I placed an order in May for a MP9c, a shield and a MP 22… I got the Compact 2 weeks ago and the shield and 22 just shipped. So its about 6-8 weeks right now all.


      • craig says:

        Spoke with SW NRA Rep. Tuesday Sep. 3 2013 and was told my order submitted in June will take 3 or more months more for my pistol. This was originally stated as 60 days. My MP AR was stated as taking up to 6 months they will not give me a time frame. Local gun stores have stock available. They have stated they are changing computer systems and have no time for completion. Only dealer orders are being processed at this time.

    • Josh says:

      Be prepared to wait for a gun from SW, one of mine has a 6-8 month wait and the other 10 months. I emailed to make sure my order was received and that’s the time frame I was given.

      • Josh says:

        I got one of my guns from SW, they told me it would be 10 months, it only took 6 weeks. Pretty happy with that, I’m sure my other gun will take longer since it is a very popular model.

      • remat457 says:

        Wow! I have been waiting for over 2 months for my GSSF Glocks…

  60. Josh says:

    Does anyone know what to do about the L-3 EOTech Representative Signature on the EOTech discount form? Also how should it be submitted since it say to give it to such representative.

    • remat457 says:

      Contact L3 directly, they will give you the contact information for your regional rep. Someone told me they took theirs directly, but I had to fax mine to the Rep.

  61. craig kidwell says:

    Charter arms list does not work in excel.

  62. Hi,
    I just looked through my email back to November and don’t see it. :(
    Yahoo is super-aggressive with their filtering. Can you forward it to me at reg(at)fortreg(dot)(com)?
    And I will put it up.
    Thanks & sorry!

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